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A pioneering initiative emphasizing sustainability, Environmental Social Governanvce, and the long-term economic progression of the logistics sector.

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A partnership between Fifty Shades Greener UK and Skills for Logistics, Green Skills For Logistics is set to enhance sustainability practices across the board. As an industry leader, this is your chance to not only comply with the EU sustainability reporting directives but also ensure that your organisation stands at the forefront of the transition to net zero, utilising our proven Green skills in a box curriculum.

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Driving Change

In the right direction

We help organisations facing the challenge of achieving net zero - we are their comprehensive plan.

We provide the necessary tools to implement and monitor sustainable changes effectively.

Our education approach is action-based, delivering measurable results for meaningful impact.

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How we do it

We educate
your people

Our educational programs empower individuals with the knowledge to drive sustainable practices, fostering a culture of sustainability that extends beyond the classroom.

We provide

Access practical resources and guidance tailored to your needs, from sustainable best practices guides to customized toolkits, enabling effective integration of sustainability into your operations.

We demonstrate
measurable impact

Utilise our innovative data portal to track key sustainability metrics and communicate the environmental, social, and economic benefits of your sustainability initiatives, showcasing your commitment to a sustainable future.

Why it matters

The evolution towards green logistics is inevitable. By equipping your workforce with the expertise offered by Green Skills For Logistics, you can benefit from reduced carbon footprints, significant cost savings, compliance with evolving regulations, a competitive market advantage, and the creation of fresh, green job opportunities. Embrace the future now and set your organisation apart.


As an employer, embracing Green Skills For Logistics is not just a responsibility, but a strategic move towards a brighter, more sustainable future for the industry.

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We are your auditable trail

to net zero by 2030

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Our Support

Green Skills For Logistics supports you at every juncture. Through Skills For Logistics, we suggest integrating our green masterclass into all logistics training programs. Our online "Green skills in a box" ensures your team is primed to lead in sustainability. By investing in continuous green skills development, you prepare your business for future challenges.


Stay on the cutting edge with our emphasis on innovation. From electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles to renewable energy integration and smart logistics solutions, Green Skills For Logistics champions the very best in green practices. Additionally, we're in close coordination with governments to ensure you receive the regulatory backing essential for success.

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Join the movement

Starting in October 2023, Green Skills For Logistics will spotlight the importance of eco-friendly logistics. By participating in our industry roundtables, webinars, and collaborative forums, you can be part of this pivotal narrative, sharing best practices and propelling collective efforts towards a sustainable horizon.


The horizon of logistics is painted green. With Green Skills For Logistics, you're equipped with the tools, insights, and community to navigate this transformation. Partner with us in moulding a sustainable, competitive, and prosperous logistics sector.

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